Hospital and Pharmaceutical

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We provide a wide range of PVC compounds for the demanding hospital and pharmaceutical industries.

Our modern production lines, especially designed for this purpose, are rigorously controlled and maintained in a clean and positively pressurized environment. The raw materials are automatically added and control of the process is rigorous, ensuring the reproducibility of lots. Proper packaging reduces the risk of contamination.

The units in Osasco, São Paulo, or Simões Filho, Bahia, can produce this product line indistinctly.

Our PVC compounds are in accordance with Brazilian standards that given these applications: physical, chemical and biological conditions are monitored. All the products are approved by the competent bodies and institutes.

We have line of products which can be sterilized by ethylene oxide or gamma rays.

Our products can be transformed through:

  • Hose extrusion
  • Balloon extrusion or calendering 
  • Blow molding
  • Injection

For the production of:

Flexible hoses for photosensitive solutions (iodine and the like), nasal and intravenous catheters, urethral catheters, scalp blood collection or the application of medication, peristaltic pumps, dialysis equipment, inhalers, serum bags, dialysis bags, dental suction tubes, radiopaque bands (visible in X-rays), needle wings, flexible or semi-rigid drip bags, inhalation masks, rigid connectors in general, films for blood and serum collection bags, collection bottles.