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Dacarto Benvic's products comply with various automakers' internal standards through the development of new research and its own specifications.

Major global trends related to the replacement of heavy metals led us to further study and develop new PVC compounds. Dacarto Benvic has developed and gotten approved products containing additive free of these metals.

We have compounds that resemble rubber in appearance, matte or gloss, and some have a flexibility of up to –40°C.

The products can be transformed by extrusion and injection processes.

For the production of the most varied auto parts:

  • Dust guard for gear levers
  • Carpets
  • Finishing moldings 
  • Rear-view mirror details 
  • Arm rests
  • Horn covers - accelerator, clutch and brake pedals 
  • Sealing rings
  • Finishing covers
  • Accessories for seat belts
  • Accessories in general
  • Clutch cable covers
  • Control cable covers 
  • Speedometer cable covers
  • Profiles for safety signs
  • Finishing trims
  • Harnesses
  • Oil and grease-resistant hoses 
  • Water hoses 
  • Window seals
  • Co-extruded accessories with metal cores 
  • Profiles with UV absorbers
  • Profiles for seat finishing