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Dacarto Benvic serves the footwear and textile market.

This market is extremely dynamic, varied and versatile and demands high quality, creativity and agility, which are easily provided by our range of PVC compounds and Thermoplastic Rubber Compounds, and our development services and technical assistance.

The PVC compounds supplied by Dacarto Benvic meet the most varied specifications in terms of hardness, specific weight, abrasion, chemical resistance, temperature and the most varied of colors.

We supply the footwear and fashion market with PVC Compounds or Thermoplastic Rubber (TR) for:

  • Soles in general: compact, conventional expansion and micro-expanded
  • Transparent, opaque, colored, glossy, semi-glossy, matte and high transparency sandals 
  • Straps for sandals, with or without nitrile rubber
  • Transparent midsoles and heels for women's shoes and sandals
  • Safety boots 
  • Parts of athletic shoes and boots, with or without TPU
  • Flip-flops and straps
  • Other needs on request