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PVC compounds are readily adapted to conduct most fluids at low or medium pressure, containing reinforcing polyester yarns or a rigid PVC core. .They can be transparent (crystal) or colored. 

Such applications are used in:

  • civil construction for heavy transport, such as suction and discharge of concrete, gravel, etc;
  • checking levels or other applications that require the visualization of fluid to be transported;
  • agricultural irrigation, in crystal or opaque, spiral or drip hoses;
  • household use, crystal or opaque hoses for gardens, for use in gas cookers, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, etc.
  • industrial processes, crystal hoses reinforced with braided polyester yarn used in industrial compressors;
  • pressurized water and pneumatic and spiraled tools to transport liquids, pneumatics and solids;
  • mining, for gravel transport;
  • the automotive industry;
  • the food industry for the transport of beverages and food;
  • the hospital industry.

Dacarto Benvic has a complete product line that covers all these needs.