Packaging and Films

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Dacarto Benvic also produces PVC compounds for the extrusion of flexible or rigid films, including laminated films for thermoforming in general for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries and in technical applications.

Hard compounds are intended for the production of blister packaging (including drugs), boxes, other thermoformed packaging, and various seals. Dacarto Benvic products used in these applications preserve the contents thanks to their resistance to impact, and the fact that they are impermeable to microorganisms and have barrier properties, which exclude oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor. Ultraviolet radiation protection can be incorporated.

For flexible films such as shrink wrap, heat shrink wrap, and stretch wrap, we offer a line of products matching the needs of the end product with suitable permeability properties for gases, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, in addition to being highly transparent and adhesive, with good tensile strength and good recovery of elasticity, in various thicknesses.

We have specific lines for food complying with the recommendations made by official bodies, such as Resolution number 105 issued by the National Health Surveillance Agency in Brazil (ANVISA), as well as for industrial applications.

Sachets for non-fatty food packaging, such as like honey, candies, and sleeve labels are also produced with our PVC compounds.

Products for sachets for shampoos, liquid soaps, detergents and other items can be developed.