Rigid products in general

Injection or extrusion molded

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Rigid PVC compounds intended for injection molding of fittings and accessories for pipes, including large diameters, have been developed over the years by Dacarto Benvic.

Due to their excellent mechanical, dielectric and flame-retardant properties, we also offer a line of products used in the electrical, electronics and information technology industries. They are used in junction boxes, switches, boards, gutters, channels and accessories, computer panels and other equipment, technical parts and many other items.

Opaque or colored, they are ideally suited to civil construction, architecture and decoration needs.

Profiles are extruded from our compounds for various applications such as ceilings, folding doors, Venetian blinds, and partitions. In single colors and various textures.

The main characteristics of these compounds are their dimensional stability, UV moisture, and harsh environment resistance, and their excellent performance when subjected to fire.