About us

Dacarto Benvic Ltda. arose out of an association between Dacarto S.A. - Indústria de Plásticos and Solvay Benvic do Brasil S.A. created to produce and market PVC compounds.

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The company has two production units in Brazil: one in Osasco, Greater São Paulo, São Paulo state, and one in Simões Filho, in the state of Bahia. It also has representatives in the northeast,  southeast and south of Brazil.

Dacarto supplies rigid and flexible PVC compounds used in extrusion, injection, blowing, thermoforming, calendaring and other processes, with more than 2,000 granulated or powdered formulations, including concentrated blends, thermoplastic rubber compounds, and special blends.

Serving the most diverse applications and complying with Brazilian and international standards, Dacarto operates on the automotive, footwear and textile, civil construction, flexible packaging, wire and cable, bottle, film, hospital and pharmaceutical, hose, rigid profile and cap sealant 

Dacarto is ISO9001 certified and promotes sustainable development. Its team of professionals fully supports their customers and offers a range of consulting and development services.