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PVC compounds are found everywhere in our daily lives because of their versatility in applications, ranging from rigid to flexible products, owing to their formulation.

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End products made of PVC compounds produced by Dacarto are used in the automotive, civil construction, electronics, hospital and pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, clothing, cleaning product, toy and household markets.

Our main applications are used in the production of footwear, packaging films, bottles, caps, coatings for electrical and telecommunications cables and wires, blood bags, saline tubes, and other hospital items; industrial or household hoses, technical parts for electronics and information technology, metal coatings, pipes, valves, and connections for building installations, profiles for door and window frames and finishing, profile finishing and moldings, among other items. Products made from PVC compounds are easy to process, practical, durable, and economical, and molded mainly by the calendering, extrusion, injection, blow molding and thermoforming processes.

This wide variety of applications is due to the combination of PVC resin with various additives that protect PVC compounds during the transformation process and give then the features appropriate to their end use.

The additives are plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, pigments, fillers, impact modifiers and numerous others on a smaller scale.

PVC compounds are products that have been through the following operational steps:

  • Mixing of PVC resin with additives
  • Gelling or plasticizing of the mixture
  • Treatment of the gelled product, generally subjected to granulation


Some of the most interesting characteristics of PVC compounds are their low flammability, extremely low flame propagation rate, auto-fire extinction capacities, and their electrical insulation capacities.