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To effectively serve over 1,500 customers in domestic and export markets, with over 2,000 formulations developed for various industrial activities, such as automobile, food, hygiene and cleaning products, clothing, civil construction, the electronics industry, hospitals, pharmaceutical and others areas, Dacarto Benvic has two production units, as well as its regional offices.

Its factories, located in São Paulo and Bahia, provide a distinct logistical advantage for shipping their products by land, air or sea. 

Dacarto has a lot of technically capable production lines that are up to date and specialized to suit any need: rigid or flexible, transparent or colored, matte or gloss, including specific lines for non-toxic products.

The PVC compounds produced by Dacarto Benvic are used in any transformation process - be it injection, extrusion, blowing, or calendering, among others.

The experienced technical team and the research and development laboratory are constantly looking for new projects.

Dacarto Benvic is a pioneer in the use of an isolated environment, with filtered, positive pressure air, dedicated to the production of PVC compounds intended for its line of non-toxic products, to cater mainly to the hospital industry.

Its raw materials, intermediates and final products are monitored in trials in the company's own control laboratory with appropriately trained personnel.

Dacarto Benvic has a modern physicochemical and biological treatment facility that recycles all of its waste, reducing the environmental impact of emissions and greatly reducing water collection.

The plant is also equipped with dust removal systems, reducing the emission of particulate matter, protecting the health of its employees and neighboring communities.

Our support for the marketing, scheduling and distribution of our products is fully computerized, ensuring the monitoring of orders by our team at any stage of the process.

Choosing Dacarto Benvic means guaranteed supply and consistent quality due to the high level of training of our employees, the production management and quality systems, and sales and distribution support systems.

In brief, Dacarto Benvic:

  • consults in choosing the best PVC compound from its lines, according to the needs of each customer;
  • develops new PVC compounds for specific needs;
  • Accompanies trails at customers, optimizing the use of our PVC compounds;
  • provides technological support related to our products.